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October 7, 2018 – Fall 2018 Continuing Education Seminar

Fall 2018 Continuing Education Seminar Sunday, October 7th Registration begins at 9:00 am Brunch/presentations 9:30 am -1:30 pm Please RSVP by: September 1st at Townsend Hotel: 100 Townsend Street, Birmingham, MI 48009 Attendees will receive three (3) CE credits in Pharmacological Management. For additional information, please contact Rachel Wojciechowski at

Chalazion – An Eyelid Cyst

A chalazion is a condition that appears when an oil gland in the eyelid becomes blocked. A cyst will form that is a relatively painless lump usually found in the upper or lower eyelid as well as one or both eyes.  Patients usually notice the cyst developing gradually over the course of a few weeks…. Read More

Happy Independence Day!

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UV Safety Month – Tips to stay safe in the sun

July is UV Safety Month, and this can serve as a reminder of the importance to enjoy the outdoors safely.  UV light (or ultraviolet light) is a type of electromagnetic radiation that originates from the sun and reaches Earth.  UV light is different from visible light rays, which are longer and can be seen by… Read More