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VERY GOOD EXPERIENCE Here’s what I have to say about my recent experience with having cataract surgery.
Six quick visits and done!
FIRST VISIT – at the Livonia facility, for the pre-op exam and consultation . Everything happens quickly here but I never felt rushed, Lots of people doing lots of different things yet no sense of confusion. Watching the staff work was a pleasure. What at first struck me as being an example of typical assembly-line medicine turned out to be the perfect mix of, competence, efficiency, and professionalism, all happening at once. Laura the surgical scheduling coordinator, was as helpful as could be. Well versed in the subject, she knows how to articulate, is able to educate without selling, etc., etc. While she was obviously quite busy, never once did I feel rushed while making decisions about lenses, appointment scheduling, etc. She spent her time giving concise easy to understand answers to my questions. Never seemed to be in any hurry and made certain that I was completely satisfied before moving on to the next patient.
SECOND VISIT -This was the day of surgery on the first eye. I’m normally not particularly anxious but this was, after all, surgery. The staff could not have been more pleasant. I was in and out before I knew what happened. My only regret was not being able to stay longer and enjoy the friendly environment.
THIRD VISIT – This was the post-op visit which, due to scheduling concerns, was held at the Dearborn facility. The Dearborn offices were fine but I did prefer the Livonia visits.
FOURTH VISIT – Pre-op for surgery on the second eye. In and out. Smooth.
FIFTH VISIT – Surgery on the second eye. The place runs like a well-oiled machine.
SIXTH VISIT – Post-op appointment. Because I didn’t want to take things for granted I tried hard to find things to be critical about. The worst thing I could find was that, the cold apple juice which I was offered after the procedure was a bit on the small side. I’m sure they’d have given me a second if I had asked!
I don’t recall having ever seen a more efficient, more harmonious staff, of any sort, than what I witnessed in Livonia.
Whoever is responsible for putting together and managing the staff at Livonia deserves recognition.
Any business could learn a great deal by visiting the Livonia location.

David H.

I am very satisfied with Dr. Verb’s knowledge and skills of the eye. I will rate Dr. Verb as a “priceless” individual in his field. I’ve been a patient since May 2017! P.S. – Very impressed with such a well-run office and entire staff!

Marcia G.

It was about 2 years ago – I woke up and could not see out of my left eye. I went to my company’s eye doctor and he had concerns, so he sent me to OSM right away. Even though it was the end of the day, the doctor waited for me to get there. I knew right then I was in the right place. I started out with Dr. Ahmed and when he moved locations, I started seeing Dr. Reinherz. My doctor and all the staff at OSM Madison Heights have been terrific. I feel like the most important person when I’m here and don’t feel like number. I come in just about every month for eye injections and have always had a positive experience. It was a scary situation to be in, not being able to see out of one of my eyes, but there was a process and they walked me through it, and I knew that I would be okay. OSM has really good people and they care about what they do.

Steve R.

I am totally impressed with Porsche at the reception desk. She is polite and extremely professional and I will rate her as a “priceless” employee! I’m also impressed with such a well run office and its cleanliness.

Marcia G.

When I first walked in the staff was so nice, friendly, caring and helpful – from the registration desk all the way to the service you get from all the nurses and staff in the back. Dr. Kleinfeldt is a true jewel to his profession. He is caring and knowledgeable. I came in with a negative 20 in vision and after surgery had 20/20 vision. The man is caring and truly a craftsman in his field. I have never seen this well in my life and to be able to see the good lady in my life is a blessing. I thank God for him, his staff and establishment. God bless you Dr. Kleinfeldt and thank you with all my heart.

Edward D.

My experience with Ophthalmic Specialists of Michigan has been a positive one from my first visit through the cataract replacement surgery and the follow up appointments. The staff as well as Dr. Kleinfeldt were thorough, informative and very prompt for every visit. Questions were addressed and answered satisfactorily every time. I would highly recommend Dr. Kleinfeldt and his staff at Livonia. I am thrilled with the outcome and can see better than I have for years.

Kim K.

These people are the best! I have never had a problem with the doctor, or with any of the people that work there. I was having trouble with my insurance and getting me to the appointment, but the staff worked with me to get it straightened out. I just love Dr. Ellenberg, he is the best! Very caring, gentle and concerned about my sight. I would recommend this place to everyone.

Lori B.

Very satisfied with your service and the doctor I saw.

Robert P.

I’m very impressed with Dr. Ahmed’s services. The entire staff has been professional and great every visit.

Paul F.

Dr. Ahmed is a great Ophthalmic Specialist. Will give him a 20 in excellent Work.

Georgetta A.

I have been very pleased with Dr. Ahmed. Very professional and knowledgeable. Explains everything well. Never even feel the shot. Very likable person.

James W.

We find the doctor and staff to be top notch. We have no complaints.


Very pleased with Dr. Ahmed!

Rebecca L.

Great Doc. Love this place. Staff is great. 100%

Danny R.

I think that Doctor Verb is a great doctor. He cares a lot about his people.

Priscilla W.

 I’ve had a great experiance with the doctors and staff. Everything went great. I can see again… I recommend this professional facility to anyone.

Robert B.

I was very nervous before cataract surgery that even my blood pressure was elevated. I had a very smooth experience and am so happy with my results. Dr. Kleinfeldt and staff did a great job. I’m ready to have my second eye done!

Frances S.

What an amazing experience! I had failed my vision test to renew my driver’s license. Dr. K was able to fit me in and within four days of surgery, I retested and passed! Every aspect of the procedure went like clockwork!

Nancy B.

Kudos to Dr. Kleinfeldt and his staff. I had cataract surgery and the experience felt easy, fast and I had no memory of the surgery whatsoever. I never experienced any discomfort after the procedure and now my vision is 20/20. Many thanks to Dr. Kleinfeldt and his amazing staff. Every individual I encountered was knowledgeable, kind and so very nice. I appreciate every one of them. Great job!

Shirley N.

Dr. Kleinfeldt helped me be able to see my golf ball again! Thank you so much.

Robert S.

My experience with my surgery has been awesome. I can see so much better. I’ve been very pleased and cannot wait to get my second surgery done. The staff and doctor have been wonderful.

Robert S.

Dr. Kleinfeldt helped me be able to see my golf ball again! Thank you so much.

Robert S.

My experience with my surgery has been awesome. I can see so much better. I’ve been very pleased and cannot wait to get my second surgery done. The staff and doctor have been wonderful.

Janice W.

I came in to see Dr. Kleinfeldt a few years ago and he made it so I could see again. I’m so grateful. Thank you!

Earl W.

The day after my operation, my vision was amazing. I didn’t realize what I was missing. The colors were so vivid. I’m amazed! Thank you to the staff and Dr. Kleinfeldt.

Randal B.