Eye Laceration – What to Do After a Severe Injury

Eye injury

A laceration, or cut, can happen anywhere – including on and around the eyes. Most of the time, the injury occurs around the eye or over the eyelids. This may require delicate stitches to allow the tissue to heal without further damage to the eyeball. Sometimes, the cut happens to the eye itself, which can pose a number of problems that require immediate attention and treatment.


The number and severity of symptoms may vary based on the depth and size of the laceration. If you notice any of the following symptoms consider seeking medical assistance immediately:

  • Constant tearing
  • Severe pain in the eye
  • Light sensitivity
  • Blurry vision
  • Decreased vision
  • Feeling that something is in the eye
  • Visible blood in the eye or bleeding from the eye
  • Fluid leaking from the eye


When the sclera or cornea are cut, this is considered a rupture. Ruptures are formed by blunt force trauma. The sudden impact causes excessive pressure that leaves behind a laceration. Without proper treatment, the condition may cause blindness and infection.


Surgery is often required to repair an eye laceration. The only exception is if the injury affects the thin mucous membrane on the cornea. Antibiotics are usually given to reduce the risk of infection. A shield is also applied to ensure that the contents of the eye are not forced out.

If you have suffered an eye laceration, time is of the essence. Only a doctor can determine if surgery is required. Contact Ophthalmic Specialists of Michigan immediately at 1-800-237-EYES (3937) or visit your nearest emergency room.

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