June Is Cataract Awareness Month!

Young Woman with Cataract

June was named Cataract Awareness Month by Prevent Blindness America, an organization dedicated to bringing eye care to more Americans. This is a great opportunity to educate others on facts regarding cataracts.

Did you know:

  1. Having cataracts is a treatable condition.

If your ophthalmologist notices the beginning of cataracts, one can rest easy knowing that this is a treatable condition. It’s best to catch it as early as possible so your eye care professional can monitor progress and limit symptoms. Cataract removal is one of the safest surgeries to undergo.

  1. Cataracts could affect anyone, not just Seniors.

As we age, the higher the risk of developing cataracts. That being said, this is a condition that can affect everyone. Cataracts appear due to various reasons including age, genetics or as a result of an eye injury. Bad habits such as smoking may increase the risk as well.

  1. Maintaining good health may prevent cataracts.

Good health can lower the risk of cataracts. Reducing UV ray exposure and maintaining a well-balanced diet will help keep your eyes healthy. Also, wearing proper eye protection when participating in sports and high-risk activities is also important. However, age-related cataracts are not preventable.

Protect yourself from cataracts:

Now is a great time to start protecting your eyes from cataracts. Engage in healthy habits and by taking precautions when in situations that may potentially injure your eyes. Yearly comprehensive medical eye exams is also a great way to maintain good eye health. Contact Ophthalmic Specialists of Michigan today at 1-800-237- EYES (3937).  We have three (3) convenient locations to serve you in Dearborn, Livonia or Madison Heights.