October Welcomes National Health Education Week

OSM National Health Education Week

Although our health is extremely important often everyday life can get in the way of making good choices and healthy habits. Thus, a movement began in 1995 to spread awareness of public health issues and the importance of health education. We would like to join the movement in encouraging overall health and addressing the vital need for consistent eye exams. A healthy diet and regular exercise can benefit your entire body – including our eyes!

There is a direct connection between our ability to live independently and our eyesight. Law mandates you must be able to see at a certain level to be able to drive safely. Even a partial loss of vision can force a person to make major changes in their life. You also want to be sure and protect your eyes with sunglasses and safety glasses when doing things that could cause injury.

Eye exams are your first line of defense against disease and injury. Many conditions are treatable if they are caught early. Your doctor can monitor for changes and recommend ways to manage or treat them. It is critical to schedule eye appointments and address changes as soon as they appear. Although the recommendation is one comprehensive visit per year it does vary based on age and other health factors. Talk to your ophthalmologist today to determine the best schedule for you.

Take a step to a healthier life and contact Ophthalmic Specialists of Michigan at any of our three convenient locations in Livonia, Madison Heights or Dearborn to make an appointment.