Sports Eye Safety Month

Protective Eyewear

Sports Eye Safety Month

April is Sports Eye Safety Month. It is a great time to help yourself and others while taking better care of our vision. We often take vision for granted as a potential eye injury could be life changing. Help protect yourself this month by adding the following to your to-do list.

Protecting Our Vision-

The first step in eye safety is protecting vision. Always wear proper protective gear when participating in sports or other physical activities. Protecting the eyes will help reduce injury statistics.

Available Resources-

Spreading awareness is a great way to make a difference. Talk to others about Sports Eye Safety and encourage them to participate by sharing this post. Together, we can make a difference.

Organizations Promoting Eye Health-

Help others by supporting organizations and groups within the local community that work toward better eye safety and health.

Wearing Protective Eye Gear-

While playing sports, encourage teammates to wear proper gear.  Also, do the same with your children and grandchildren. This should include eye and face protection, including wearing a helmet. Regular glasses are not enough—as all athletes should wear sports eyewear that is ASTM F803 approved.

An ophthalmologist can monitor the eyes for injury or disease.

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